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Meet the Owner

I can hardly believe it’s already been three years since my husband Chris and I, decided to launch Good and Proper Events!  Three whirlwind years of sleepless nights and working tirelessly to produce a stylish mobile bar, along with all things wedding/party. Being one of the first to break ground in a market has it’s disadvantages.  In a perfect world, our ideal mentor would have landed on our doorstep, to tell us exactly what our business needed each step of the way.  Instead we’ve been collecting hard-earned lessons, from each success and each mistake.

We have very fresh memories of one of our clients telling us why we should create an Instagram account, and the joy we felt when we got our very first follower.  Not as joyful was some of the advice we received from a few of the people we shared our new business idea with.  “We want to build props and create a rental company that offers a fresh, design-driven approach to children’s celebrations as well as pure adult fun!”, we said. “There is no money in the events industry”, they responded.  But something inside said hold on tight to your vision, and we are so glad we listened!

Along the way several life changes happened. In September of 2016 we found out were pregnant with our 1st child. We were thrilled because we had been trying for quite sometime and thought God wanted something different for us. Well different is what he gave us when he blessed us with our beautiful and very energetic son. While still running our other businesses 7 months after giving birth, we found out that I had stage 3 Breast Cancer. Talk about a blow to your ego??? We were devastated, scared and confused. After a quick second opinion we knew we were in for the fight of our lives. We knew it was time to exercise our faith. God has a funny way of getting our attention. Well he certainly had ours. I mean surely God didn’t bless us with this beautiful little boy so that he would have to grow up without his mother? At that point fighting was our only option. Our motto became clear and evident…”Wendy Strong, Fighter, Champion”

After 16 rounds of appearance altering chemotherapy, a double mastectomy, and 33 rounds of grueling radiation you find that peace of mind has no price tag. I knew that God would heal me but I also knew that the ugly diagnosis that had been given to me was not just about me. It was bigger than me. This diagnosis was the vehicle to taking Good and Proper to the next level. I have always been an advocate for Breast Cancer Awareness, but now I can tell what I know, not what I heard about Breast Cancer.  Good and Proper has partnered with a non-profit Breast Cancer organization to support the fighters, admire the survivors and honor the taken by never giving up hope.

While recovering from surgeries I knew that Good and Proper had to come full circle. It was time to stop throwing my talents in the ground and burying them.  I love to entertain and have been affectionately named by my family and friends “The Queen of Party”. So now I’m doing what I love, and that is making clients excited about having an inexpensive event with and expensive & exceptional feel.

Our story

Just like the Good and Proper Drink Bar itself, each event is customized and tailored to your style. Comfortable and adaptable to small intimate settings or larger scale events, we take everything into account to ensure we deliver a fun, memorable and unique experience for everyone we serve.

Good and Proper Drink Bar provides professional high end mobile bartending service for wedding receptions, corporate events, fundraisers, private parties, including birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, high school reunions, bar and bat mitzvah and sweet sixteen celebrations.

Layered drinks, exotic creations, traditional cocktails, specialty mixed drinks, impressive signature garnishing, exceptional variety of non-alcoholic mixed drinks, blended and creamy cocktails – all that plus impeccable customer service , elegant portable bars and event specific decorations  – this is just a fraction of what our clients can expect when using Good and Proper Drink Bar service for their event.

Glassware, Ice, Mixers, Staffing, Atmosphere, all those little(big) details that go into a great event are handled by Good and Proper Bar . We pull up, set-up, serve, clean up and pull away, allowing our clients to actually enjoy their event with confidence that the needs of guests are being handled.

Alone with our Drink Bar, each event is created just for you the client. You probably don’t know that we are NOT just a bartending company. We offer an array of other services. Please visit the “OUR SERVICES” tab to obtain a wonderful description of all we do at Good and Proper Events.

why good and proper

Events Speciality Drink Bar

Hold on, one second! We’re not trying to sell you on our idea. Instead, here is what people are saying about us.

Good and Proper Speciality Drink Bar takes the term "open bar" to a whole new level! Good and Proper Speciality Drink Bar is a very clever concept. What an awesome addition to any party!! First and foremost, the vehicle is certainly a conversation piece. But more importantly, Good and Proper Speciality Drink Bar is a very useful service for your private affair. Because let's face it, it ain't a party unless there's booze. And these guys do it all. They bring the bar; they customize the menu for your needs/budget; they make the drinks; they clean up; and then they drive off. It's a pretty self-contained operation. It's one less thing for you to worry about as you plan/host your party. I can certainly see these guys being a big hit at weddings, corporate functions, and/or house parties. I'm definitely going to keep them in mind for future events! It's cool, the drinks are delicious and the price is right. We had the special margarita that was great! I can't wait to throw a party with Good and Proper Speciality Drink Bar in my driveway--it adds flair and fun to any situation.
denise maceoin
30th Birthday Party